New auction archive and inventory software

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New auction archive and inventory software

Legg inn av Ivan@Trikvetra » 08 nov 2017 22:03

sorry for writing in English, my Norwegian is not good enough. I hope I am not breaking some rules promoting something we work on... I want to show you some screenshots from software we are developing. First, we are Norwegian company from Bergen and we started to make an auction archives some years ago and build some tools on top of it. It has been already 5 years and we are close to release.
The software will be free for personal inventory and auction archive not older than 6 months. For older auctions and special functionality there will be yearly subscription.
The archive has more than 20 million items right now (coins, tokens, banknotes, some stamps too and some garbage that need to be filtered out ;)). Auction lots are automatically linked to countries, rulers, bibliography so they can be found by many different ways, not just a full text search.
Please see the screenshots. I will answer all questions if you have any...
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